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Krissi Barr Corporate Consultant


Krissi Barr


Krissi Barr’s dynamic presence, decision-making ability and creative thinking quickly establish her as an inspiring leader.  The unique combination of her enthusiasm and high-energy with instinctive strategic vision and in-the-trenches experience produce amazing, sustainable bottom-line results.  Krissi’s “Can Do” attitude generates confidence and a team spirit. 


Throughout Krissi’s two-decade career, she increased the profitability of every organization with which she worked.  To see a complete list of her services offered, click here:  >> Krissi Barr Corporate Services


Working within a variety of companies from global Fortune 500’s, mid-sized established firms, start-ups and family businesses gives Krissi the perspective to operate within any corporate culture and grow any size business.  Manufacturing, technology, logistics, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, financial, and services companies are well known to this business pro.  She seeks business opportunities by leveraging client drivers, strategies, industry dynamics, and process management issues. 


Krissi focuses on separating daily distractions from the real issues to business on the right path to grow and prosper.  Results are immediate, growth sustainable and profitability long-term.  The key to the program’s success is its implementation emphasis.


Krissi has a BA and MBA from Miami University.  She has completed the Wharton School’s Executive Coaching Workshop.  Krissi is also Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, and Certified Professional Values Analyst.  As a speaker and trainer, Krissi is certified to teach Inpower’s Will to Win and Coach 4 Success programs, Paul Hersey’s Situational Leadership™, Situational Selling™, and Situational Services™ programs and Jim Pancero’s You Can Always Sell More.  She has served on the boards of the FreeStore/FoodBank, ARC (Association of Retarded Citizens) of Hamilton County, Winning Over Cancer, Cincinnati Parks Foundation, Cincinnati Chapter of Association for Corporate Growth (where she chaired the Deal Makers awards) and was selected by the Mayor of Cincinnati to serve on the city’s Airport Oversight Advisory Board, and Citizens Technology Advisory Group.


In 2010, Krissi and her husband authored a business/golf fable called Plugged – Dig Out and Get The Right Things Done.  There is also a keynote speaking and training program around Plugged.  To learn more about her book Plugged, click below:

                                                         >>  Krissi Barr - Author


To learn more about Krissi Barr and what she can bring to your organization or conference, give her a click at