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            ­­Progressive Systems Development - Why Choose Us



           Now in its fourteenth year, Progressive Systems Development was founded as and remains a company dedicated to providing systems through high productivity languages and technology with senior personnel.  The company uses tools such as MS SQL Server, MS .net and Oracle technologies to deliver quality systems in a fraction of the time that most companies can using more conventional methodologies.  Our professionals produce systems for Mainframe; Unix and Intel Servers (hosts); with delivery to various hand held devices including PC’s, PDA’s, RF/ID, Bar code, and we have expertise in various current operating systems, network, and database environments.


            ­­We have earned our reputation as a premier systems developer not only because of our extensive use of high productivity tools and technologies, but because we apply them with experienced professionals.  PSD' staff consists largely of senior technical professionals, each with broad backgrounds in application design and development, and with significant experience in their specialty languages.  Our personnel have successfully implemented medium to large systems for many Fortune 1000 companies, such as AT&T, Atlas Van Lines, ASCO, IBM, Maersk, Subaru North America, and many more.


            One of PSD' underlying principles is that a client should always have a system that meets their requirements, versus conforming to a regimented "package" system that they must reorient their process to.  Consequently, the great bulk of our company's system efforts are customized developments to clients' specific needs, utilizing various libraries of code sets we have developed. Most of the time, our client base would much prefer the advantage of a system tailored for their specific operation.­­


            As indicated above, we often view a set of code we develop to have broad applicability as a "base system" in subsequent efforts.  PSD offers several application products as base code that can be customized to clients' specific requirements.  These products are in the areas of Asset Management, Material(s)/part(s) Inventory Control, Tools Inventory Control, and Supply Chain Management.­


            As a proven systems integrator in the area of automated data collection, PSD also provides solutions utilizing Voice Recognition, RF/ID, Bar Code, Photography Integration, and touch screen technology.  With expertise in these areas, PSD is always able to select the optimal automated data collection hardware and software solution for its clients.  Frequently, multiple technologies will be integrated into a solution, such as bar code combined with touch screen.