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Our Allied Service Partners
Marketing - PR - Social Media - SEO - Distribution - I/T - Mgmt Consulting - Exec Coaching - Advertising
Our Affiliate Organizations are top leaders in their own fields who have been selected to provide our clients with award-winning services which complement and augment the services provided by Alliant Marketing Solutions staff.  They can be brought in to any project to enable our clients to achieve the goals they have set for themselves at the most reasonable cost possible.
Each of these organizations have their own staffing and websites, and when brought in to support an Alliant Marketing Solution client will receive significant fee reductions from their normal and published service rates.  Be sure to mention Alliant Marketing Services and give your AMS Client Number should you choose to contact them directly.
                                             ~  Marketing and Market Research
                                             ~  Public Relations & Social Media
                                             ~  Brand and Corporate Image Design
                                             ~  Advertising and Media Management
                                             ~  Motivational Speaking and Executive Coaching
                                             ~  Warehousing & Distribution
                                             ~  I/T Software and Website Design
LaunchSquad Public Relations & Social Media

Handcrafted PR. It's the idea that every company we work with is as innovative and diverse in their communications needs as they are in their products and services. We've done nothing but work with growth technology companies for more than a decade.  It's all about our clients. We work with companies to help them create their stories, their strategies, their entire communications programs. That's handcrafted PR and that's what defines our approach. 
 To Learn more about LaunchSquad, click below:

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                      >> LaunchSquad - Our Services
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Barr Corporate Success - Author, Speaker, & Corporate Consultancy


Krissi Barr's dynamic presence, decision-making ability and creative thinking quickly establish her as an inspiring leader.  The unique combination of her enthusiasm and high-energy with instinctive strategic vision and in-the-trenches experience produce amazing, sustainable bottom-line results.  Krissi's "Can Do" attitude generates confidence and a team spirit.  To learn more, click below:

                                                 >>     Krissi Barr - Author

                                                 >>     Krissi Barr Corporate Consultant

                                                 >>     Krissi Barr Corporate Services


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Automatiq Distribution Centers & Service Solutions

Automatiq is a Third Party Logistics and Distribution Company.

We help our clients with picking, packing, labeling, and shipments of their product to all major retailers. We have latest IT and warehouses East Coast (NJ) and West Coast (CA) that allows us to work smarter, faster and better for our clients bottom line.

Our specialties include Picking, Packing, Labeling, Barcoding, Value-Added Work, Warehousing, UPS, FedEx, LTL


To go to Automatiq's website, click here:  >>


Progressive Systems Development Corporation

Onshore & Offshore Software Development and IT Services
A leading global outsourcing provider of offshore software development services, Progressive Systems Development (PSD) has over fourteen years of experience developing software solutions to meet the IT challenges facing US and multinational corporations such as AT&T, Atlas Van Lines, ASCO, IBM, Maersk, and many more.

The strategic value of PSD services lies in our ability to repeatedly deliver solutions that solve complex business challenges through high quality software development and IT Services.
For more about services provided by Progressive Systems Development, click here:
                                                  >>  Progressive - Why Choose Us
                                                  >>  Progressive - Services
                                                  >>  Progressive - OnShore/OffShore
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