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Krissi her husband Dan wrote a great book comparing the process of reaching for success in business with the process of reaching for PAR in golf.  A great business read!

Plugged -  "Dig out and get the right things done"

Having myself been a marketing and business consultant for over 10 years, I am always intrigued by new concepts and personalities in this exciting field.  Such a person is Krissi Barr -  energetic, vivacious, intelligent, and extremely creative.  Her new book, “Plugged”, written in collaboration with her husband Dan, is a delightful read and clearly understandable to golfers and non-golfers alike.

The Barr’s have taken the concepts that most good consultants embrace and likened them to the game of golf.  Using a business fable to introduce the basic concepts of their theory, the Barr’s utilized the game of golf to illustrate the implementation and execution of their theory.

In the game of golf, “plugged” is what you call it when your ball is hit so high that when it lands it buries itself into wet grass or mud.  The Rules of Golf allow you to “dig it out” of the muck, clean it off, and drop it just so long it is no closer to the hole – and then you can be back in the game with no penalty and you can play well from there just as long as you “get the right things done.”

What the Barr’s then did is to use their business fable to show what you need to do when you are “in the muck”, so to speak. 

The three basic elements of their concept are P.A.R. – in the world of golf meaning the standard of excellence.  While few golfers actually shoot par, it should be the standard for your own achievement. 

To the Barr’s P.A.R. means:

  • P – Prioritize.  Focus on what matters most.
  • A – Adapt. See change as an opportunity.

  • R – be Responsible.  Take ownership of the outcome.


“Plugged” is an excellent book and totally caught my interest, and should be read by golfers and business people alike.